Another Look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

“Dredd” is currently shooting Across the Pond with Karl Urban in the lead and Pete Travis directing, and the last time we saw anything official from the movie was this shot of Urban as Dredd brandishing a deadly weapon. I think a lot of people are curious how this Judge Dredd will differ from the Sylvester Stallone Hollywood version, and the fact that the Brits are taking control of this one pretty much guarantees you’ll be getting something pretty different. How much, though, remains to be seen.

Until we get something like a trailer, snapshots of star Urban in his helmet will have to do. So here’s another pic of Karl Urban as Dredd, looking all somber and Dredd-like.

Besides Urban, the film co-stars Olivia Thirlby as a fellow judge and “300’s” Lena Headey as the heavy. Look for it later this year.

Via Bleeding Cool