Another Series Regular on The Walking Dead Will Bite the Dust This Year

Zombies in The Walking Dead Season 2Who will it be? Everyone’s favorite character Lori? Fanboy fave Glenn? Or how about “he’s always in the background, I sometimes forget he’s still on the show” T-Dog?

Or maybe none of the above.

But definitely someone is biting the dust on the upcoming season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, at least according to a spoiler dropped by Michael Ausiello over at TVline, who writes in respond to a question about upcoming fatalities on the zombie show:

I can confirm that a series regular will become zombie kibble during Season 3, but whether that death takes place in the first half or second half I can’t say.

Remember that it’s a series regular, which means that person has to show up on the show’s opening credits and not as a guest star, or a recurring character. Fact is, that’s still a pretty big net, so frankly, it could be just about anyone.

So who do you think will become zombie fodder when “The Walking Dead” Season 3 returns this October? I know who I got my money on. I think we can safely say that Rick is safe, right? I’m sure those of you who have read the comic books will think you have the inside track on this, but remember, the show has proven time and time again that it doesn’t mind diverting drastically from the comic books.

Let the speculation begin…

Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs and IronE Singleton in THE WALKING DEAD - Episode 2.13 - Beside the Dying Fire