Another Supermax Movie? Or the Same Movie Given a New Spin?

Until I find out otherwise, I’m gong under the assumption (and of course, you know what happens when you assume, natch) that this “Supermax” movie we’re talking about is not the same “Supermax” movie that was supposed to bring the D.C. comic book character Green Arrow to the masses courtesy of David Goyer.

In any case, this “Supermax” looks and sounds more like a horror/action movie, and according to Bloody-Disgusting, Columbia Pictures has acquired the supernatural script from Christopher Allen Nelson and Mitch Rouse. So what’s it about? Remarkably similar to Goyer’s “Supermax”, actually:

“Supermax” takes place in a Maximum Security Prison for the Super-Natural as a skilled guard must join forces with a lethal inmate after a riot ensues in order to fight his way through various monsters and mad-men in order to survive.

Yup, the premise is almost exactly similar to Goyer’s superhero movie, which would have Green Arrow framed and put in prison for super criminals, many of which he put there, and must fight his way out to clear his name. Except here, the prisoners (these “Super-naturals”) sound more like monsters, demons, etc, though it’s curious why “supernatural” is spelled “Super-Natural”. The “lethal inmate” character sounds like a Riddick from “Pitch Black” type. Hey, you know what that means — sequel potential!

If Goyer ever manages to get his “Supermax” up and running, you gotta wonder if there’s gonna be a battle here. Luckily for these guys, the chances of Green Arrow coming to the big screen ain’t all that high right now…

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sounds kinda familiar there, boys.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sounds kinda familiar there, boys.