Another (Well, Not Anymore) Surprise Cameo for The Dark Knight Rises?


You already know about one “surprise cameo” (SPOILERS) in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”, so here’s another one — and again, POTENTIAL SPOILERS if true. You have been warned.

Reports have Nolan reaching into the Batverse past for this latest cameo, in the form of none other than …

… former Batman, Adam West.

Yup. According to persistent rumors (that Warner Bros. have not confirmed/denied), the actor who played Batman in the ’60s campy TV show will be making a cameo appearance in Nolan’s third (and probably final) Batman movie. Apparently West will be able to get some time off from his official duties in Quahog for this.

The source of West’s cameo appearance was first spread by a tweet by a magazine called Floss, whatever that is. I assume it’s about dental hygiene. Or not.

If true, this is a bit of odd casting. Nolan has never struck me as the kind of guy who gives in to “nostalgia”, and his Batman universe would seem to be the complete opposite of West’s TV show, so why merge the two, as it were?

Update: Or not.

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    No, just, no. You want to know how to piss away a half decade of insane goodwill from the fans? Use a Goddamn “Family Guy” joke in the final installment.

    I’d rather see Nic Cage in there first doing his Big Daddy voice.

  • kraven

    the bat has had an amazing evolution over the years and adam west was a big part of one of those time periods. it was so campy and cool back then. keep him away from this new and darker batverse. it is a different league.