Another Writer for That Top Gun Sequel

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun (1986) Movie ImageI don’t know if Paramount will ever end up making a “Top Gun” sequel, but they sure are spending a lot of money on screenwriters to bang out scripts for them. The top flight sequel (get it?) originally took off with “Way of the Gun’s” Christopher McQuarrie working on a script back in 2010, then 2011 had “X-Men” writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz climbing into the cockpit, and now the latest scribe to try his hand at plotting a movie for Maverick and crew is “The Town’s” Peter Craig.

THR seems to think the hiring of Craig is a good sign that uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount are serious about making the sequel. What, they weren’t serious when they hired McQuarrie? Or Miller and Stentz? I’m just saying. By the time this sequel finally gets made, Tom Cruise might be too geriatric to fit into that cockpit.

But hey, if you can’t wait for the sequel, there’s always the “Top Gun” 3D movie that’s being converted and will be re-released back into theaters sometime this year. The original date was “early 2012”, but I’m not sure if they’ll still make that, since I haven’t heard much from the film since the news of the 3D re-release broke last year.

You know what this means, right? Yup, it’s time to buzz the tower…

Via : THR