Antoine Fuqua and Gerard Butler Might be Getting Some Afterburn

Another week in Hollywood, another obscure comic book gets snatched up to be turned into a movie. What else is new? The latest is Red 5 Comic’s limited series comic book “Afterburn”, a sci-fi/post-apocayptic tale about a future Earth that has been scorched but good by solar flares.

The title was actually optioned a while back in 2008 by Tobey Maguire, but there have been no real movements until now, with news that Antoine Fuqua and Gerard Butler are in talks to direct and star, respectively. I guess Butler, who was previously linked to the sci-fi/post-apocalyptic remake of “Escape from New York”, has finally found a replacement.

Which I guess means “Afterburn”, unlike the 95% other comic books that were optioned in recent years, might actually get made. Maybe.

Set in the aftermath of a devastating solar flare event that has left parts of the planet scorched and populations badly mutated, the comics (and one presumes, the film) will follow treasure hunters who, for the right price, will go into these mutated areas to recover whatever the client wants.

The script is currently undergoing revisions, and Maguire is still attached to produce.

Gerard Butler already has the shades for the Afterburn set.