Antoine Fuqua May Help Gerard Butler Keep Olympus from Falling

Antoine FuquaAntoine Fuqua is one busy man. lists him as being involved (or rumored to be involved) in six films as director. Six films. I honestly don’t see how he can direct all those movies and still have time to do “Olympus Has Fallen”, a big-budget studio action movie that’s already set to star Gerard Butler. But hey, what do I know, maybe Antoine Fuqua doesn’t actually need to sleep.

Fuqua and Nu Image/Millennium are said to be in “early talks” for the director of “Training Day” and “Shooter” to try to keep the White House from being taken over by terrorists. Apparently Hollywood things bad guys taking over the White House is really, really easy, because there isn’t just one movie operating under this premise, there are two.

Like the similarly themed “White House Down” (which recently set Roland Emmerich as director), “Olympus Has Fallen” would star Butler as a down-on-his-luck Secret Service agent who must save the Oval Office from bad guys. Hopefully he’s a glib, one-liner cracking down-on-his-luck Secret Service agent.

The film will be based on a spec script by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, and Nu Image/Millennium, realizing that Columbia is trying to get their own “Die Hard in the White House” movie up first, has already (perhaps a tad too ambitiously) scheduled “Olympus Has Fallen” for a June start date. Kinda hard to shoot a movie without a director, but then again, maybe Fuqua is closer to signing on than we’re being led to believe.

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Via : THR