Apatow Re-Teaming Mann and Rudd for Knocked Up Spin-Off Movie

Knocked Up (2007) Movie PosterWriter/director Judd Apatow took it on the chin with his 2009 movie “Funny People”, a critically acclaimed but ultimately commercially middling comedy/drama about a somewhat unlikeable comedian/movie star played by Adam Sandler who realizes that money, as the old saying goes, can’t buy happiness. Every comedian who has seen the film says it perfectly captures how real comedians are. Unfortunately, if that’s true, then most real comedians are sorta douche bags, at least according to the movie. Made for around $75 million, the film topped off at $51 million Stateside on its way to doing just slightly over $71 million worldwide.

With that little love tap still fresh in his mind, it’s no wonder Apatow may be looking back to one his earlier hits — 2007’s “Knocked Up”, which cleaned up with $219 million in worldwide box office. The film starred Seth Rogen as a loser stoner who knocks up Katherine Heigl’s ambitious ladder climber, resulting in hilarity and lots of stoner comedy. In that film, Apatow’s real-life wife Leslie Mann played Heigl’s sister, and Paul Rudd played her husband, and it’s them who will be fronting Apatow’s sorta “Knocked Up” spin-off movie, which currently doesn’t have a title, but apparently already has a June 2012 release date penned in according to Variety.

No word on what the plot will be, or if Rogen and Heigl’s character will reprise their roles, but one thing’s for sure: it will probably be heartfelt, probably funny, and probably just a little bit uncomfortable, too.

Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd in Knocked Up (2007) Movie Image