Apparently Now It’s Luke Evans’ Turn to Land the Crow Reboot if He Wants It

Luke Evans in No One Lives (2012) Movie Image

First it was Tom Hiddleston’s role, then it was Alexander Skarsgard’s, and now the role that made Brandon Lee famous (and also killed him, ironically) is going to Luke Evans. Or at least, that’s the latest report. Who the hell knows what will happen tomorrow with this (seemingly) cursed reboot.

The Crow Comic Book CoverAs much trouble as the project is having getting off the ground, why, it’s almost like the Gods just don’t want it to happen. If I was a superstitious man…

In any case, the latest name to be attached to “The Crow” reboot is Evans, who is currently playing the bad guy in Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious 6”, and will soon be playing Vlad in Gary Shore’s new take on Dracula, titled, well, “Dracula” (formerly “Dracula: Year Zero”).

Which makes Evans a very busy man. So busy, in fact, that in order for him to do both “Dracula” and “The Crow”, not to mention all his publicity commitments to “Fast and Furious 6” and Peter Jackson’s second “The Hobbit” film, the producers have decided to push the start date on “The Crow” to 2014 instead of 2013.

Of course, what happens between now and then remains to be seen. I wouldn’t be surprise if I end up reporting that Evans is out a few months from now. It seems someone, or something, just doesn’t want this reboot to happen…

If it does happen, F. Javier Gutierrez is still attached to direct. For now.

Evans, by the way, also recently starred in the horror flick “No One Lives”. Here’s him kicking some ass (now imagine him with “crow” make-up):

Via : Deadline