Apparently Someone’s Not Happy with Blake Lively Fronting Soderbergh’s The Side Effects

Blake Lively in Hick (2011) Movie Image

From the sounds of it, Steven Soderbergh’s “The Side Effects” has the makings of a sexy psychological thriller. One starring Blake Lively, the star of “Gossip Girl” and “The Town” (and oh yeah, that “Green Lantern” mess, too, but I really don’t blame that one on the little lady; even though, well, it wasn’t as if she made it any better, but that’s another rant).

But apparently the promise of Lively in a sexy film did not go well with one of “The Side Effects'” producers, with reports that film studio Annapurna have dropped out specifically because of Lively. This, despite producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s insistence that Lively’s casting isn’t even finalized yet.

Says the producer:

We don’t have any cast set yet. We’re definitely very interested in those actors, but there’s nobody set. It’s a little frustrating because it can often spoil the process a little bit. When things become public in general, they’re harder to manage. As a producer it becomes more complicated. A lot of the rumors are false and people are disappointed when you actually hire the person you wanted. It’s a little problematic, it’s something you have to live with.

Previous reports not only had Lively as the film’s main female lead, but Jude Law and Channing Tatum as the two male leads who will be caught in a love triangle with Lively, playing a pill-popping wife who dreads her husband’s (Tatum) release from prison. Law would have played her doctor, who she confides in, then eventually has an affair with. Catherine Zeta-Jones was also recently cast in the film, though producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura might claim otherwise.

Who knows why Annapurna feels so strongly about Lively’s casting. It’s not as if she’s a terrible actress. She’s no worst than Gina Carano or the pron star Sasha Grey, both of whom Soderbergh managed to direct perfectly fine. Compared to them, Lively’s actually a pro at this whole acting thing.

Via : Huffington Post