Aquaman by Leo? Bizarro Superman? Two Green Arrow Movies? The Flash Finally Moving Again?

The Hollywood Reporter‘s got a big rundown of all the upcoming and in-the-pipeline movies from D.C. Comics, including the publishing house’s idea of putting three of its biggest writers, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman on some of the properties to get them moving again with a fresh spin. They also mention that a live-action “Aquaman” movie is currently in development over at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way shingle. But wait, fans of “Aquaman”, I wouldn’t get too excited about that. DiCaprio’s company is producing about five billion geek-friendly movies at the moment, and I don’t think a single one of them has ever actually gotten made. I could be wrong, of course.

Other D.C. films that are currently in the pipeline includes the much-delayed “Flash” movie, with Geoff Johns doing another treatment on the film, which originally boasted a script by Dan Mazeau. No word on what projects Morrison and Wolfman are working on over at Warner Bros., where all D.C. comic book movies go to either get made or die. That includes the Justice League movie, which seems to have died completely now.

More characters in the peipline include an Adam Strange movie, the aforementioned Aquaman, a sequel to “Constantine” that originally starred Keanu Reeves, and not one, but two Green Arrow movies — an Origins Movie, and the “Super Max” movie that has Green Arrow fighting his way out of a supermax prison for superpowered criminals. And of course, there’s “Shazam”, which we’re told is dead in the water, but apparently D.C. hasn’t given up on it yet.

But those are all “in the pipeline” movies, which means they might never get made. What should get made, and pretty fast, is “Green Lantern” now that Ryan Reynolds has signed on to front the franchise. Or maybe “Bizarro Superman”, based on Superman’s freaky, faulty duplicate from David Howard and Robert Gordon (the guys behind “Galaxy Quest”) will beat Green Lantern to the big screen. And of course, there’s the Bat waiting in the wings for this third outing…

Below: “Seriously, this guy might beat me to the big screen? Come ON, D.C.”