Are All The HBO: True Blood Castings Confusing You?

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Fear not. Though there are many and myriad reasons to get HBO, in Canada it just became available and I subscribed (along with the other mandatory bundlings) for the primary purposes of being able to see True Blood, which is along with the Daily Show, my favorite program. The producer and creator of True Blood, Alan Ball, has decided to drop a boatload of new cast members on us when the next season arrives in the hot, hot summertime.

The fine folks at Scifiwire have taken the time to do what I should have done myself, compiled a list of pics and bios for all the new vamps, werewolves and general hotties about to further spice up what was already pretty spicy. Season 3 of True Blood starts in June. Reruns will have to do til then.

Author: endymion

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