Are Batman and Commissioner Gordon Getting Girlfriends in The Dark Knight Rises?

They may very well be, if this CBM rumor turns out to be true.

According to the site, rumors have Charlize Theron (below) being approached by the filmmakers to play Detective Sarah Essen in the Christopher Nolan film, while two actresses, including “Orphan’s” Vera Farmiga (left), have auditioned for the role of Julie Madison.

In comic lore, Sarah Essen was a Gotham City Detective who had an affair with Jim Gordon while the two worked closely together. The character was first introduced in Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One” storyline. Later in comic book continuity, she and Gordon ended up getting married, before Essen was murdered by the Joker.

I can see Theron in the tough cop role, though that might depend on what happens with George Miller’s delayed “Fury Road” and if she signs on to “Snow White and the Huntsman”, where rumor has her being courted to play the evil Queen.

As for Julie Madison, she’s a socialite who was once engaged to Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. According to CBM, actresses Vera Farmiga and the lesser-known Kacie Thomas have auditioned for the role. I can’t see Farmiga losing out if she really did audition. She’s a fine actress. Curiously, if this is the same Kacie Thomas as the one listed on (pictured, right), then Thomas and Farmiga are pretty far apart in terms of age. If you add in Christian Bale, then Farmiga would probably be more age-appropriate.

Of course, these are all just rumors, so take them for what you will.