Are Freida Pinto and Olivia Wilde Your Latest Bond Girls?

Sure why not, according to this Bang Showbiz article on Yahoo, which quotes a source as saying new Bond director Sam Mendes has selected his Bond girls in Freida Pinto (“Slumdog Millionaire”), while Olivia Wilde (the upcoming “Tron” sequel, as well as TV’s “House”) is also being approached to play a double-crossing UN babe. Their source also adds that Peter Morgan (“The Queen”) is currently writing the script, which will take Bond (a returning Daniel Craig) to, of all places, Afghanistan. No doubt that’s just one of many places Bond will be hopping to and fro, being the International Man of Mystery type.

Of course, as their source Bang Showbiz (Bang Showbiz???) quotes the always questionable “Daily Mirror” in the UK, so do take it with a large helping of grain.

Olivia Wilde in Deadfall (2012) Movie Image