Armie Hammer In Talks to Saddle Up for The Lone Ranger


With Disney having tentatively scheduled Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp’s “The Lone Ranger” for sometime in 2014, I figure there’s no real rush to cast someone opposite Depp’s Tonto. But the latest candidate for the gig comes in the form of one Armie Hammer (“The Social Network”), one of those young Hollywood bucks that are constantly being mentioned for various roles because suits are high on him, probably cause of his shiny smile.

Deadline has Hammer in “early talks” to hi-yo silver it up with Depp in the latest take on the Western hero. Depp has been set as Tonto for what seems like ages now, along with his “Pirates” director Verbinski, who has also been attached to direct for just as long.

Of course, last we heard Ryan Gosling was up for the gig, too, and that didn’t happen.

In any case, 2014 is a long ways off, so take your time, Disney. Hammer’s already got Relativity’s “Snow White” to take care of first anyhow.

If true, though, it’ll be pretty amazing that they’re going this young. Hammer is in his early ’20s, and Depp is already pushing towards the big 5-0, so you gotta wonder what exactly Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have in mind that they’re even thinking about casting all these young kids to star opposite Depp. What is Tonto in this movie, the father figure to the white “hero”? Color me intrigued.

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    Yeah. I could see that. I still think that it should be an older actor to bring Kemo sabe to the big screen. Still he’s a solid choice. I wonder if there will be any reference to the link between The Lone Ranger, John Reid and The Green Hornet, Britt Reid? Probably not since the 2011 movie ‘The Green Hornet’ was distributed by Columbia Pictures and Disney will be releasing ‘The Lone Ranger’.

    • Dedpool

      Nathan Fillion was tailor made for this part. Armie Hammer isn’t bad though. Also Depp doesn’t LOOK almost 50 so that helps. I also say again Timothy Olyphant would be a decent choice too. He’s played some bad ass cowboys, I’d love to see himbring his swagger to the Lone Ranger. And yeah they won’t play up that angle but that’d have been cool if in the next green Hornet we get a pic of an old news paper clipping about the Lone Ranger.

      • Juggernaut

        Nathan Fillion would be great! Like you said Depp dosen’t look as old as he is. Plus, if they do cast a younger actor for LR, they could always stray a bit from the classic dynamic and have Tonto be bit older and somewhat of a mentor as opposed to the cliche sidekick. I also liked the idea of a big name star like Clooney or Pitt saddling up. They are around the same age range as Depp and both are really good actors and have the looks, charisma and charm to make a good Lone Ranger.
        Yeah, it’ too bad that they won’t be able to have that family connection be evident in either film series (The Green Hornet or The Lone Ranger). It seems like the serial/radio heroes are the newest surge in poularity along with the superheroes, Vampires/Werewolves, Zombies, Fairy Tales. The Spirit, Green Hornet, Lone Ranger and talks of a new Zorro. Hopefully we’ll see a new Dick Tracy too. The cool thing about these characters, for me at least, is that I have no preconceived notions or strong opinions about the way they shake out. I just hope that they do it well and get a decent cast and director.

        • Dedpool

          oooh A new Dick Tracy would rock! Would you tow the line between camp and serious like the Warren Beaty one did? Or go full on serious?

          And nothing to say about Olyphant as Lone Ranger?

          And finally the mentor or father figure angle would rock. Have Reid himself be nursed back to health by Tonot and his tribe after he is shot for trying to protect them from his former partners who were currupt.

          • Juggernaut

            I think Olyphant would be okay. I see someone more like Pitt or Hammer. Someone with the all-american look. I actually thought that the idea of Olyphant for Lex Luthor was brilliant!
            As for a reboot of Dick Tracy, I’d go neo noir, tounge in cheek, along the lines of ‘Sin City’ or ‘The Spirit’. I really liked the way tose films came out and I think that atmosphere would work well with the subject matter. I liked the Warren Beatty film but like you said, it was very campy.

          • Dedpool

            Yeah Olyphant as Lex was like “Duh!” To me after I rewatched Hitman. As for Lone Ranger, I think Pitt would be a better job in the role than Clooney, just don’t see him as a cowboy. And finaly Dick Tracy, dude you’re brave to come out and say you liked “The Spirit.” I did too, because I took it at what it was not what I wanted it to be or thought it should be. A lot of people criticized it but had they read the source material they would’ve realized the tone was pretty much right. Over the top yes but the right tone. A Dick Tracy flick in the veign of “Sin City” would rock.

            Sent on the go.

  • Lexavi80

    I think Depp will leave the project before it starts. Happens all the time…

  • Juggernaut

    @Dedpool- That is something that a lot of us comic fans make, myself included. Lol. I thought that like you said, the tone was right for what it was. Besides it was directed by Miller! The guy is the embodiment of over the top noir genre. I also agree on the casting of Pitt over Clooney. Pitt has the cowboy schtick pretty much down. Nathan Fillion would still be my pick.