Armless Trailer: If You Feel Anything, Just Start Screaming

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Excellent advice generally but not to a man that has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a real problem where people feel the compulsion to chop off various parts of their anatomy in order to feel a sense of wholeness. This my friends, is a very bad problem.

Which will probably make a pretty funny movie. Let’s let the synopsis tell the full story.

ARMLESS tells the story of John, a man who suffers from Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a real-life psychological condition in which an individual paradoxically doesn’t feel “whole” unless he loses one or more major limbs. When he leaves his wife and goes to find a doctor willing to amputate his arms, it triggers a twisted romp filled with mistaken identities, missed chances, and tragic consequences. ARMLESS utilizes the structure of a classic farce, combining it with a darkly philosophical tone. It also explores the ways in which a culture with so much wealth can come to fetishize suffering. But at its heart, ARMLESS is a fable about acceptance, a meditation on trust, love and marriage.

The trailer, fortunately, makes the movie seem a bit more fun. I love movies that come from bizarre angles like this. Take a look see. “Armless” stars Daniel London, Janel Moloney and Matt Walton and will be out sometime soon.

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