Arnold Schwarzenegger in Negotiations for Kim Ji-Woon’s Last Stand, The Tomb

He’s back — and much sooner than anyone expected, would be my guess. With that silly “Governator” animated TV series, comic book, and potential movie already at his back, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now in early negotiations to star in South Korean director Kim Ji-Woon’s “Last Stand”.

The role, that of a bordertown Sheriff who is the last obstacle between an escaped Mexican drug cartel kingpin and freedom, was originally supposed to star Liam Neeson, but he’s apparently dropped by the wayside. A tough as they come hombre, it’s up to the Sheriff and his inexperienced staff to keep the bad guy, traveling in a souped up sports car, from escaping.

“Last Stand” would mark the English-language debut of Kim Ji-Woon, a respected South Korean director behind International hits like “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” and “A Bittersweet Life”. Kim’s latest film to make waves was the gruesome “I Saw the Devil”, which recently opened in limited release Stateside.


Besides “Last Stand”, Schwarzenegger is also circling a second movie called “The Tomb”, which would be directed by Antoine Fuqua (“Shooter”).

Penned by Miles Chapman and Jason Keller, “The Tomb” would follow an authority on structural security who’s framed for a crime and put in a high-security prison that he designed.

Which is kind of silly. Wouldn’t he be able to easily escape from his own prison? Oh, right. That’s the point. Nevermind. Though the idea of Schwarzenegger playing a Michael Scofield ala “Prison Break” character is amusing.