Arnold Schwarzenegger May Menace Avatar 2 (UPDATED)

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ten (2013) Movie ImageUPDATE:

A Fox spokesperson says there is no truth to the story. (Because studio reps have never lied before.)


If nothing else, he’s certainly capable of being much more imposing than Stephen Lang’s stereotypically EEEEEEEEEEVIL military villain in the first “Avatar” movie. Physically, I mean. Just slap on a big ol scar on the big Arnold, and he’s your new “Avatar 2” EEEEEEEEEEEVIL military villain.

The latest “Avatar 2” rumor comes courtesy of Latino-Review, who quotes “top level sources” as saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be playing “a bad guy human general” in the next “Avatar” movie. You know, the movie that has been in the works for a decade or so?

But hey, considering that the first “Avatar” movie took a “decade or so” to make, I guess the sequel taking just as long shouldn’t come as any surprise. And since everyone is mo-capped anyway, it wouldn’t necessarily matter if it did take 10 or 20 years to get an “Avatar 2” or “3” out there. You can just CGI away Sam Worthington’s beer gut in 20 years.

If true, Schwarzenegger and Cameron would be re-teaming for the very first time since 1994’s “True Lies”, having first worked together on 1984’s “The Terminator”. Schwarzenegger himself is wildly busy these days, with that “Terminator” reboot and “The Expendables 3” in the pipeline, not to mention “Escape Plan” with his “Expendables” buddy Sly Stallone, the zombie flick “Maggie”, and the upcoming “Legend of Conan”. He’s also got the actioner “Sabotage”, which has gone through about a dozen titles since, and looks like it might be getting the ol dump-off into theaters.

Retirement? Pssst. Who needs it.

It’s been long rumored that an “Avatar 2” would explore the oceans of Pandora. Which, again, makes a lot of sense, since ol James Cameron is a tad obsessed with the ocean. I swear, if this guy ever gets to the point where he can build an actual bio dome and live underwater, don’t be surprise if he actually goes and does it.

Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver are expected to reprise their roles from the first bazillion making “Avatar” movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron

Swimming buddies.