Justin Lin Poised to Direct Terminator 5 with Arnold Schwarzenegger

It may seem like a bad joke, but it’s not — Arnold Schwarzenegger really is poised to return as the star of yet another “Terminator” movie, this one set to be directed by “Fast Five’s” Justin Lin as previously rumored.

Deadline says talent agency CAA is already shopping a packaged deal for a “Terminator 5” with Schwarzenegger starring and Lin directing to studios around Hollywood, with Universal, Sony and Lionsgate already showing strong interest.

Schwarzenegger is already 63-years old, and will be 64 by the time “T5” goes into production, and probably 65 by the time it’s released. Yeah, it’s gonna be a stretch to believe that Skynet would voluntarily create a 64-year old killer cyborg from the future to do its dirty deeds. Then again, they digitally “de-aged” Jeffrey Bridges pretty convincingly in “Tron: Legacy”, so where there’s a will (and the cash for the big budget), there’s a way.

Hell, anything to keep Arnold from spending more time on that “Governator” nonsense…