Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’s Shooting Two Terminator Movies by 2013


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Movie ImageI’m reasonably certain that one of these days whoever is currently (or will eventually) own the rights to the “Terminator” franchise will end up making more movies from the property. It’s an excellent brand, and despite some bumps along the road in recent years (and with recent entries), everyone still knows what the Terminator is. You can’t buy that kind of branding. Eventually, though, someone will get more “Terminator” movies out there.

But as soon as 2013? I don’t think that’s going to happen, but Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks otherwise, and being the face and star of the franchise, I guess he would know more than I. The actor recently said this about not just a “Terminator 5″, but also a “Terminator 6″:

I can’t say too much. They want it held in secret if you know what I mean, but I will say that next year I will start filming it and it’s going to be one of the hardest films I have ever done, I can tell you that already for sure… They have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts. It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not to happy about the job McG did with it, but they felt it was good enough to continue on and they want the fifth and sixth installments to be the closing of the franchise.

Now here’s the problem: Io9 reported the above, and links to a blog that is no longer around. In fact, it’s been entirely deleted from what I can tell. What exactly does that mean? I haven’t a clue. I’ve heard of blogs deleting a controversial post, but never the entire blog.

In any case, I can understand why Schwarzenegger is desperate to get a “Terminator” movie out there. It’s his most recognizable franchise, and if he’s truly serious about his acting comeback (and from all indications, he is), then he’ll need a hit starring him, and not one where he’s just one of many stars (ala “The Expendables” or the upcoming “The Tomb”, also with Stallone).

Author: Nix

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  • Lexavi80

    Maybe it was deleted because the studio wanted to have the news super-secret, and Ahnald screw it.

  • Wolfdaddy21

    I would Love to see a new conan, the first conan story written was of an older conan already king of Aqulonia. I had no problem with the new conan in terms of it not being arnold, it had other problems. But Id love to see a third with Ahnold

    • Dedpool

      Agreed! I really thought the idea of the King Conan script was pretty good. I liked the new Conan (momoa rocked) but it was kind of rushed and no one got to shine really. And a lackluster villain which I was shocked about because Stephen lang is awesome.

      • ekadoken

        momoa sucks as conan.

        • Dedpool

          Then so too did Arnold! Cause if Momoa sucked (and he was more like Conan from both the comics, Frazetta paintings, and books than Arnold ever was, and I’m a fan of the original) then Arnold definitely wasn’t right for the part.

  • Juggernaut

    The only way I could see another Terminator would be to have John Connor (Bale) teaming with the template for the original (Schwartzenegger). It would be a cool way to give Arnold more of a character while giving the needed tie to the first and second film. Having the CGI terminator from the end of Salvation being the antagonist.

    • Dedpool


      • Juggernaut