Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Cry Macho, But Only for $10 Million Up Front

I wish I had Arnold Schwarzenegger’s enthusiasm. Or ambition. Or just downright ability to sell the shit out of anything he touches. After dumping politics (after all, it’s not like he could run for President or anything, right?), the Big Oak has already attached himself to a number of projects, including everything from Kim Ji-Woon’s “Last Stand”, a prison break movie called “The Tomb”, a possible fifth “Terminator” movie with “Fast Five” director Justin Lin, and then there’s that “Governator” nonsense with Stan Lee. And those are just things he put together in his first few months out of office!

Hell, I don’t know if any of those things will actually get made or progress beyond the hype stage, but that’s not going to stop Schwarzenegger from adding one more to his plate: a drama called “Cry Macho”, based on the novel by Richard Nash.

Here’s the plot from Deadline:

The story revolves around a horse breeder (Schwarzenegger) who won the Kentucky Derby but whose wife and child get killed. He sinks into an alcoholic depression and winds up working for a hedge fund jerk who offers him a choice of getting fired or bringing back the rich guy’s son living with the ex-wife in Mexico. Unexpected plot twists ensue, including an Arnold-and-kid road trip back home.

When I think drama about a horse breeder and a kid, I of course think the guy from “Commando” and “Terminator”. Right?

Anyways, Arnold is expected to clean up with the movie, making $10 million upfront and 25% first dollar gross on the back end. Brad Furman, who directed “The Lincoln Lawyer” with Matthew McConaughey, will direct for producer Al Ruddy.

What recession, America?

(Below pic via AVClub)