Arrow and Agents of SHIELD Posters, Flash TV Spots, and Supergirl Lands a Network

In today’s round of superhero TV news (I should make a banner for that or something), check out a trio of new posters, two for “Arrow” Season 3 and one lonely, but groovy poster for “Agents of SHIELD” Season 2:

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Poster

Arrow Season 3 Poster

Arrow Season 3 Poster

Meanwhile, the fastest teenager alive gets two new quickie TV spots:


For you fans of barely dressed female superheroes, the in-development “Supergirl” TV show has landed at CBS with a snazzy series “commitment,” which I means it’s definitely going to happen. Probably. I guess Supergirl just got something done that Wonder Woman never could. (Maybe they should have changed Wonder Woman’s name to Wonder Girl instead. Just a thought.)

Besides the CBS commitment news, we also got this synopsis of the show courtesy of TVline:

CBS has given a series commitment to an hour-long drama about Kara Zor-El, the DC Comics heroine who escaped the planet Krypton amid its destruction. Having hid all this time on Earth the powers she shares with “her famous cousin” (as the official logline cheekily puts it), 24-year-old Kara decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and “be the hero she was meant to be.”

I’m surprised they’re making her a 24-year-old. Wouldn’t she a Superwoman, in that case, or do people still consider 24-year-olds “girls” these days?

If this Supergirl is half as badass as this one, it should be fun:

Via : CBM