Arrow Gets Epic with a 3-Minute Extended Trailer

The Promise

There are moments on the CW’s “Arrow” where I think the show is written by 12-year-olds, and then there are times when it really does the whole superhero thing extremely well. This 3-minute extended trailer, titled “Full Circle,” is one of those times where “Arrow” proves to be the best superhero show on TV. Not exactly a hard feat, given the crappy superhero shows that have been on TV these last few years, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Check out what happens when Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke finally comes to Starling City, and Arrow and his compatriots must band together to take him on. You got Roy super punching, the Black Canary looking hot in black leather (so what else is new), and Arrow shooting to kill. Good stuff, good stuff.

The shit gets real starting tonight, with the episode “The Promise”:

Oliver is shocked when he learns that Slade has come to Starling City. Back on the island, as Oliver, Slade and Sara prepare to take over the freighter from Ivo, Sara pulls Oliver aside and tells him he needs to kill Ivo to prevent him from telling Slade what happened with Shado. Oliver feels immense guilt over the situation but realizes Slade’s growing rage from the Mirakuru makes him unpredictable and he could turn on his friends if he thinks Oliver is to blame. Oliver agrees to kill Ivo and the battle begins.

Check out the extended 3-minute trailer for the next few episodes of “Arrow,” and promo images from tonight’s throwdown: