Arrow Season 3 Adds More Superheroes and Villains, Including The Atom

The Atom Comic BookRemember when the CW’s “Arrow” was supposed to be a No-Powers show? Well that sort of went out the window when the Powers That Be saw the ratings and fandom around the show and figured, “Hey, if one’s good, two’s gotta be better!”

Thus, “The Flash” spin-off show was born.

And since you can’t have the Flash without superpowers, that whole No-Powers thing took a flyer real fast. That, of course, has now opened the door to even more superheroes with powers to show up on the show.

The second D.C. superhero you can expect to see strutting his stuff around Starling City will be The Atom, aka Ray Palmer, who has joined the cast of “Arrow” Season 3. The shrinking superhero will be played by none other than Superman himself, Brandon Routh.

Via TVline:

An unparalleled scientist and inventor, Ray will play an unexpected role in the lives of Oliver and (rumored love interest) Felicity as the new owner of Queen Consolidated. Palmer’s plans for Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division will be shrouded in mystery.

Besides Routh as The Atom, “Arrow” Season 3 also added “Sin City” actress Devon Aoki, who will continue her sword-slinging ways as Katana, while go-to Asian bad guy Karl Yune will play Katana’s husband Maseo Yamashiro and, we’re told, Oliver’s “Hong Kong handler.”

Peter Stormare rounds out the recent spate of casting as the villain Count Vertigo. I’m assuming Count Vertigo is a villain. One, he has “Count” in his name, and two, it’s Peter Stormare.

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