Arrow’s Sidekick Roy Gets an Arsenal Upgrade in Season 3

Roy Harper as Arsenal Comic Book

You won’t have to wait very long to see Oliver Queen’s teenage pal Roy Harper upgrade to full superhero status in the CW’s “Arrow.” In fact, you’ll only need to “wait” until the Season 3 premiere episode, where Colton Haynes’ character will get his own spiffy new costume and a new name: Arsenal.

Here’s the teen sidekick now, looking all hooded up (but, thanks to the Season 2 finale, no longer ‘roided up):

Colton Haynes as Arsenal in Arrow Season 3

Obviously there are a lot of changes in store for “Arrow” in the upcoming season. For one, Oliver Queen is still broke (or broke-ish, I guess), his little sister has left with her evil dad, and he’s still got plenty of girl problems.

And let’s not forget: with the introduction of the actually superpowered Flash, he will now likely have to deal with actual supervillains with super powers, and not just dudes with supervillain-like names. Unless, of course, the powers that be decide he should only fight regular bad guys and ignore the whole “Flash” show, which would be silly, but hey, it’s “Arrow” so, you know.

Season 3 of “Arrow” re-commences the fight for truth, justice, and the hooded way this October 8th.