Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Sign on for Breaking Dawn Movies

For a while there, it looked like “Twilight” kids Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz were going to stick to their guns for a pay raise before they would sign on for Summit Entertainment’s two “Breaking Dawn” films, despite the fact that Summit has shown little inclination to replace actors in midstream. (Just ask Rachelle Lefevre, I believe she’s auditioning for a car commercial in Ohio last I heard.) Still, the “Twilight” kids minus the Big Three of Lautner, Pattinson, and Stewart, did the smart thing and pulled a “Friends”, banding together with fellow “Twilight” co-stars Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone to demand a pay raise. After all, they only originally signed on for four films and have almost fulfilled their obligations, but now that Summit is looking at a fifth movie, with the final two films needed to adapt author Stephenie Meyer’s gargantuan “Breaking Dawn” tome, the worm has turn, as it were.

Alas for the lovely Greene and the okay looking Lutz (if you’re into that sort of thing), Reed and Rathbone seems to have abandoned them (though their status remains unclear), leaving only Greene and Lutz as the potential hold-outs. Originally, the duo were demanding something along the lines of $4 million each for their roles, though Summit apparently only wanted to pay them somewhere around the $1 million mark. Yeah, only $1 million, am I right? Why, those cheap bastards! (Meanwhile, my neighbor is trying to save up enough cash to buy a ham sandwich now that he’s been out of work for the last two years. Then again, my neighbor is a sloth (the creature), so maybe he’s just lazy.)

All that is to say, EW now reports that both Greene and Lutz have come to terms with Summit (the amount of moolah unknown), and have officially signed on to return as Alice and Emmett Cullen, respectively.

So rest assured, “Twilighters”, the two-parter “Breaking Dawn” will be coming to you courtesy of director Bill Condon as originally scheduled. You may start planning for your all-night Twilight sleepovers now.

What, I'm going to give this space to that Lutz guy? Puh-leeze.