Ashley Tisdale Gets Left Behind with Nic Cage

Left Behind Book CoverFormer Disney princess Ashley Tisdale (currently trying to survive the brutally unfunny looking “Scary Movie 5”) has joined the cast of “Left Behind”, a remake of a series of movies from the 2000s starring Kirk Cameron, based on the bestselling Christian novels by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

The remake, which will feature a much bigger budget than the 2001 original, is already scheduled to star Nicolas Cage in the lead. Cage will play Ray Steele, an adulterous commercial pilot who, along with his daughter Chloe (Tisdale), find themselves left behind in the world after The Rapture takes everyone else — to Heaven, presumably.

Here’s a better description of the book:

On a flight from Chicago to London, several passengers aboard Capt. Rayford Steele’s plane suddenly and mysteriously disappear. When Steele radios to London to report the situation, he discovers that the incident on his plane is not an isolated phenomenon but a worldwide occurrence. As Steele begins his search for answers, he learns that the Christ has come to take the faithful with Him in preparation for the coming apocalyptic battle between good and evil and that those who have been left behind must face seven dark and chaotic years in which they must decide to join the forces of Christ or the forces of Anti-Christ.

So yes, you can probably expect to see Nicolas Cage doing something that resembles losing his shit in this one, too. I suspect it’ll probably involves a church, talking to himself, possibly starring at a cross of Jesus.

Vic Armstrong is directing the film, which is expected to cost around $15 million, with production set to shoot this year for either a late 2013 or 2014 release. If successful, you can expect a series of movies adapting the rest of the book series.

Ashley Tisdale

Via : Deadline