Ass Kicking Teaser Trailer for Dustin Nguyen’s Once Upon A Time In Vietnam (aka Monk on Fire)

Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie Poster

What a coincidence. I was watching the big-screen remake of “21 Jump Street” yesterday and towards the end of the movie, there’s a quick shot of Dustin Nguyen (one of the original stars of the TV show that the movie is based on) on a TV set before the TV is blown to bits by bad guys. It’s sort of a throwaway homage to him, I guess, since a lot of the show’s other stars actually showed up in the movie in bit parts.

So what’s Nguyen been up to? Plenty, as it turns out, including writing, directing, and starring in a movie called “Monk on Fire” that we previously reported on way back in 2007. The film, called “Lua Phat” in Vietnamese, is now finished has been retitled “Once Upon A Time In Vietnam” for English consumption, and you can check out the film’s first teaser trailer below.

So what’s the plot? Who knows. It’s got Nguyen walking around all shadowy with a sword and hood and battling Roger Yuan. Isn’t that enough? I’m sure there’s an actual plot, though, but until someone can toss it my way, watching the teaser will just have to do.

Nguyen makes his directorial debut on the movie, which is being called “possibly the most ambitious film Vietnam has ever attempted”, and also stars alongside Veronica Ngo (star of “The Rebel”, which Nguyen also co-starred, and “Clash”) and Roger Yuan (of “Shanghai Noon” fame, though perhaps most of you will recognize him as the Fiendish Dr. Wu in “Black Dynamite”, I know I do).

My Vietnamese is non-existent, but if Google Translator is correct, the film is scheduled to open in Vietnamese cinemas later this year.