Assortment of Nifty New Images from the Van Damme Actioner 6 Bullets

This one slipped under my radar, folks, and I apologize. However, I don’t think I’ve missed anything too important, thought that’s really no excuse, now is it? What’s more, I think I’m in danger of losing my fanboy card, which I obviously can’t live without. Below you’ll find a batch of images from the upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme action/thriller “6 Bullets”, a motion picture about a guy who specializes in finding missing children. One guess who Van Damme plays.

An official synopsis. It’s not really that informative:

An ex-mercenary known for finding missing children is hired by a mixed martial arts fighter whose daughter has been kidnapped.

See? Not a lot of information there. “6 Bullets”, which also stars Joe Flanigan and Bianca Bree, opens in the US this July. DVD? Blu-ray? VOD? Select theaters? I’m not sure. I’m sure we’ll learn more as the month draws closer. The images, meanwhile, have been situated below.