Astron-6′s Exploitation Extravaganza Father’s Day Gets a New Poster

Father's Day (2011) Movie Image

Since I love unapologetically sleazy cinema, I’ve been following Astron-6’s upcoming gorefest “Father’s Day” very closely. Thanks to the fine, upstanding individuals working tirelessly over at Troma, the film is getting a limited theatrical run beginning, well, two days ago (January 18th). Whoops! I’m a little behind. Anyway, to help promote this potentially offensive motion picture, the promotional team has unleashed the colorful new poster you see below.

I believe that a synopsis is in order:

A long, long time ago in a town north of Tromaville, there was a bad, bad man who raped and killed dads. Nobody could stop the fat monster until a mysterious stranger took a stand. Some say he was avenging his own father. Some say he was just crazy. The stranger could not have known the Hell that was to follow.

“Father’s Day”, which stars Adam Brooks, Mackenzie Murdock, Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Amy Groening, Meredith Sweeney, Garrett Hnatiuk, and Ross McMillan, is in select theaters right now! Stop by the official Facebook page for more information.

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