Aussie Teresa Palmer is … Wonder Woman?

Another day, another unsubstantiated rumor regarding the Justice League of America movie. So what else is new? The latest is that Aussie actress Teresa Palmer has nabbed the role of Wonder Woman in the upcomign JLA. You know, I used to think that the movie itself would be epic when it finally gets made, but I’m starting to think that the PR campaign behind the movie is where the real fun is. It seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry who calls himself a manager/agent is sending “scoops” to every movie site trying to sell the idea that their client is the new Superman or Wonder Woman, and it never turns out to be true. Meanwhile, the studio is also waging their own PR war by “leaking” scripts left and right. I tell ya, it would be fun if 99% of everything I’ve heard about the movie so far hasn’t turned out to be flat-out misinformation.

But hey, why stop now? We’re having so much fun, right? Here’s the latest:

The director of one of Actress Teresa Palmer’s most recent movies dropped us a line to say the foxy blonde starlet has won the much coveted part of Wonder Woman in George Miller’s “Justice League”.

Palmer was one of a handful of actresses – including Minka Kelly and Mary Elizabeth Winstead – who tested for the part a week ago, with both studio and director reportedly crushin’ over the “December Boys” star’s audition.

Eh, I’ll believe it when I see Palmer work the lasso.

Aussie Teresa Palmer is … Wonder Woman