Aussie’s The Tomorrow Series to Become Movie Trilogy

Wolver– Er, Boomerangs!!! (?) It’s like “Red Dawn”, only with Australian kids fighting some unnamed occupying force. Word from Down Under (via THR) is that writer Stuart Beattie (“30 Days of Night”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) is planning to bring the first three novels in John Marsden’ “Tomorrow Series” to the big screen. The idea is to turn the first three books (of the 7-part series) into a movie, then spin the rest off into made-for-TV movies. If it all works out, “The Tomorrow Series” will be Australia’s version of Stephanie Meyers’ “Twilight”, being that the novels are written for young adults and apparently so popular in its native land that they are being taught in schools, which goes to show you, Aussie schools rock.

More about the first book via

Australian teenager Ellie and six of her friends return from a winter break camping trip to find their homes burned or deserted, their families imprisoned, and their country occupied by a foreign military force in league with a band of disaffected Australians. As their shock wears off, the seven decide they must stick together if they are to survive. After a life-threatening skirmish with the occupiers, the teens retreat to their isolated campsite in the bush country and make plans to fight a guerilla war against the invaders. Writing in a distinct voice and showing rare intelligence and sensitivity, Ellie recounts their courageous battles against the Goliath in control of their land. She also records her feelings and observations about the romantic partnerships that develop within her small circle of friends, and shows how they mature and blossom during this time of crisis. Though readers are left wondering whether these heroes and heroines will survive (one is severely wounded at the end of the novel), Ellie’s uncommonly honest and clear narration makes this coming-of-age adventure a story they won’t forget.

Sounds exactly like “Red Dawn”, which is itself currently being rebooted in the States. Except, you know, for the Aussie accents. Also, it’ll be interesting to see who the villains turn out to be — or to be more specific, looks like, as they are never mentioned by name in the books, and you can’t get away with that in the movies. You’ll have to make them look like someone, right?