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Exodus (2007) Movie DVD Cover

Exodus (2007) Movie Review

In late 2006, UK television company Channel 4 began to hype a film that ostensibly had the power to revolutionise...


Phantom Love (2007) Movie Review

At its base level, Nina Menkes’ “Phantom Love” draws a line between introspective art and unbearable pretentiousness. Although the rich...

toybox dvd

The Toybox (2005) Movie Review

Oh unbounded joy, another low-budget British horror DVD presents itself to me for review. Now, don’t get me wrong, I...

Hot Fuzz (2007) Movie DVD Cover

Hot Fuzz (2007) Movie Review

“Hot Fuzz” is the latest offering from the writer/director team of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, whose last collaboration was...

Saw III dvd

Saw III (2006) Movie Review

When “Saw” came on the scene in 2004, it delivered a much-needed jolt to the limp body of American horror....


See No Evil (2006) Movie Review

“See No Evil” is a movie designed essentially to showcase WWE wrestler Kane. Proof of this comes about thirty seconds...


Karla (2006) Movie Review

Many of you will probably know Laura Prepon as “the redhead” from the popular Fox sitcom “That 70s Show”, and...


Ultraviolet (2006) Movie Review

In his filmmaking career, director Kurt Wimmer has been pretty unlucky. His films have something to say, but have suffered...


Reeker (2005) Movie Review

It’s safe to assume that almost everyone in the developed world is overly familiar with the slasher movie formula. Normally,...

Kidulthood (2006) Movie DVD Cover

Kidulthood (2006) Movie Review

“Gritty” is a word used far too often to categorise films. It appears that anything vaguely realistic or that plays...

Skrypt (2004) Movie Image

Skrypt (2004) Movie Review

I can safely say that “Skrypt” is the only Austrian film I’ve ever reviewed, seen or known to have existed....

The Aristocrats (2005) Movie DVD Cover

The Aristocrats (2005) Movie Review

On paper, the concept of “The Aristocrats” sounds terrible: it is, essentially, 90 minutes of comedians being interviewed about a...

Naomi Watts in King Kong (2005) Movie Image

King Kong (2005) Movie Review

I do not envy Peter Jackson. Since 1996, when work began on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the man...


Submerged (2005) Movie Review

Remember the first time you saw fat Elvis? How saddened you were to see someone truly great reduced to a...