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The Backwoods (2006) Movie Poster

The Backwoods (2006) Movie Review

John Boorman’s “Deliverance” gave birth to a new subgenre of films featuring middle class white men who desire the stoicism...


Street Kings (2008) Movie Review

Movies like “Street Kings” are sitting ducks in a shooting range for film critics who laugh all through the movie...


Sweeney Todd (2007) Movie Review

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham-Carter have made so many films together that they’re starting to resemble each other....


Halloween (2007) Movie Review

Tom Stoppard once wrote a one act play called “The Fifteen Minute Hamlet” which was, as you can probably guess,...


Sunshine (2007) Movie Review

It’s 50 years from now and once again mankind faces extinction. Not from a meteoric Armageddon, or the inconvenient truth...


Rescue Dawn (2006) Movie Review

Please do not confuse “Rescue Dawn” with a mid-80s Cannon Group production of a Chuck Norris film. This isn’t the...

Black Book (2006) Movie DVD Cover

Black Book (2006) Movie Review

Paul Verhoeven is a filmmaker who takes no prisoners. He wants nothing more than to fracture reality through his particularly...


Grindhouse (2007) Movie Review #2

Had “Grindhouse” been made by some up and coming neophyte filmmaker it would’ve been cut to shreds by the critical...


The Lookout (2007) Movie Review

Elmore Leonard has a lot to answer for in regards to the current state of crime cinema. Thin, almost non-existent...

Dead Silence dvd

Dead Silence (2007) Movie Review

The horror genre seems to be at a crossroads these days. Following the whole post-modern “Scream” cycle, the long haired...

The Grudge 2 dvd

The Grudge 2 (2006) Movie Review

There seems to be a grudge held by the media against director Takashi Shimizu for his “naked greed” in making...


The Woods (2006) Movie Review

Lucky McKee thanks God for little girls, for without them he would have no muse, no “raison d’être” as Maurice...


Flyboys (2006) Movie Review

The First World War was fought with 20th century technology within a 19th century mindset, and the result of this...

Forbidden County (2005) Movie Poster

Forbidden County (2005) Movie Review

“Jackson County Jail” gets a revival in “Forbidden County”, the latest offering from producer David Heavener and “star” Steven Bauer....


Bleeding Rose (2006) Movie Review

Producer Val Lewton was the driving force behind a series of innovative B-horror movies for the RKO Studios beginning with...