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The Fall (2006) Movie Review

Best known for directing commercials and music videos (‘Losing My Religion’ for R.E.M. is perhaps his most famous effort), director...

James McAvoy, Common, and Angelina Jolie in Wanted (2008) Movie Image

Wanted (2008) Movie Review #2

At the rate that Hollywood is cranking through comic books to fill up its studios, film worthy comics may soon...


Kite Liberator (2008) Movie Review

The original “Kite” was a controversial, yet fascinating exercise in style and mood. Thematically similar to Luc Besson’s near-classic “Le...


Iron Man (2008) Movie Review

Hollywood has been mining the comic book shelves for quite some time, but has been hitting it particularly heavily over...

Rambo (2008) Movie Poster

Rambo (2008) Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone’s latest attempt at career resuscitation comes to us in the form of “Rambo,” the fourth installment of the...


Cloverfield (2008) Movie Review

Shrouded in secrecy and a pervasive viral marketing campaign, prolific television producer J.J. Abrams’ (‘Alias,’ ‘Lost’) latest film, “Cloverfield,” lands...


The Kingdom (2007) Movie Review

In my review of “Syriana” last year, I noted that many viewers who were apparently befuddled by that film were...


Eastern Promises (2007) Movie Review

Given that “Eastern Promises” is a David Cronenberg film, one shouldn’t be entirely surprised that it opens with a vicious...


3:10 to Yuma (2007) Movie Review

From the outset, director James Mangold’s (“Walk the Line”) latest film, “3:10 to Yuma,” has two strikes against it: it...


Grindhouse (2007) Movie Review

The Grindhouse was a sub-genre of exploitation films that were generally deemed too extreme and cheap for the mainstream, and...

300 (2007) Movie Poster

300 (2007) Movie Review

In a blurb I wrote in my ‘Best of 2005′ list, I declared “A Bittersweet Life” to be “one of...

Children of Men (2006) Movie DVD Cover

Children of Men (2006) Movie Review

“Children Of Men,” the latest film from rising Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron (“Y tu mama tambi’n”), asks a very curious...

Apocalypto (2006) Movie Poster

Apocalypto (2006) Movie Review

Over the past couple of years, few people in Hollywood have gotten as much negative press as Mel Gibson. And...

Renaissance (2006) Movie Poster

Renaissance (2006) Movie Review

As computer processing power has increased over the years, we’ve seen more and more creative integration of CGI into film....


Hard Candy (2005) Movie Review

First time director David Slade’s film “Hard Candy” is an impressive and challenging entry into the revenge thriller genre. The...