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Tartarus (2004) Movie Review

To fairly review a micro-budget horror film, one must approach it with a different set of standards than those reserved...

The Proposition (2005) Movie DVD

The Proposition (2005) Movie Review

“Australia . What fresh hell is this?” So ponders the grizzled Captain Morris Stanley (Ray Winstone, “Sexy Beast”), a British...


Silent Hill (2006) Movie Review

Over the years there have been many movies adapted from other media such as cartoons, comic books and TV shows....

Capote (2005) Movie DVD Cover

Capote (2005) Movie Review

Truman Capote was already a household name in 1959, having written “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” when he boarded a train to...

Syriana (2005) Movie DVD Cover

Syriana (2005) Movie Review

After a major US oil company loses a lucrative bid for the rights to virgin oil fields in Kazakhstan ,...


Dead Leaves (2004) Movie Review

“Over the top’ is an expression loosely thrown about by film critics to describe anything a little too far out...


Chunhyang (2000) Movie Review

Based on an 18th century folk song, the Korean period drama “Chunhyang” tells a familiar story even for non-Koreans: a...


Jarhead (2005) Movie Review

War is hell, and it’s probably never looked and felt the part more than in the scorching deserts of the...

Cronicas (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Cronicas (2004) Movie Review

In today’s world of around the clock global news coverage, one gets the sense that all too often the news...


Red Eye (2005) Movie Review

Airport check-in. Perhaps the greatest horror of the modern transport age. Dealing with long lines, heavy luggage, rude travelers and...

Bang Rajan (2000) Movie DVD Cover

Bang Rajan (2000) Movie Review

While originally made in 2000, the Thai war epic “Bang Rajan” didn’t get much exposure outside of Asia despite being...

The Echo (2004) Movie Poster

The Echo (2004) Movie Review

Filipino director Yam Laranas’ new film “The Echo” is yet another entry into the ever expanding genre of Asian atmospheric...

Unhuman (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Unhuman (2004) Movie Review

Science fiction is a dangerous genre. It takes a degree of thought and subtlety to pull off a good film....


Unstable (2005) Movie Review

Despite the strides made in America over the past 50 years towards acceptance and equality amongst the many different types...