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1408 (2007) Movie Review

(Movie Review by T. Ward Porrill) The most recent cinematic adaptation of a Stephen King short story was 2004′s “Secret...

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Shooter (2007) Movie Review

(Movie Review by Richard Lewis) I have always liked Mark Wahlberg. It is not because he is the most accomplished...

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Zodiac (2007) Movie Review

(Movie review by John C. Ford) David Fincher wants you to feel exhausted. He wants to show you how the...

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The Queen (2006) Movie Review

(Movie review by John C. Ford) In 2003, a well-regarded director of independent films spun Oscar gold from a wisp...


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(Movie Review by Eric Choi) I had my doubts about “Hanbando” from the very beginning. It was clearly a nationalistic...


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(Movie Review by Eric Choi) Finally, a movie that is so refreshingly entertaining that it puts most blockbusters to shame....

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Serenity (2005) Movie Review

Guest Movie Review by Alex Lui Fans of the now defunct science fiction show “Firefly” seems to be the main...


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(Movie Review by Eric Choi) Ryoo Seung-wan has always been a talent to watch. A director with a unique ability...


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(Movie Review by Donnie Saxton) About halfway through “Womb Raider,” an unambitious, uber erotic spoof of 2001′s “Tomb Raider,” the...


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(Movie Review by Oshram ) I knew very little about “Crash” going in; actually, it wasn’t even my idea to...