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Ben Kingsley Stars in Taj

Of all the great qualities of cinema, its ability to evoke empathy is probably its best. I have never been...

Daybreakers (2010) Movie Image

New Daybreakers Trailer

Most of the horror related to vampire movies is predicated upon the fact that their presence is sparse and unexpected...

Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington in Book of Eli (2010) Movie Image

Poster For Eli

In the future, apparently, everybody wears leather or robes or heavy jackets. It’s not necessarily a fashion statement; it’s just...

Emily Blunt in The Wolfman (2010) Movie Image video

The Making of The Wolfman

A few days ago Variety reported (you kind of have to mine for it in the article) that veteran editors...


Brad Pitt Steps Into the Void

Risky Business reports that Reliance Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B are going to develop the upcoming Dark Void videogame...


Jason Lee Directs Get Back

A lot of comedy actors are pretty dispensible,  even if they are highly paid, but there was nobody better suited...


Far Cry Trailer

I’m convinced that Uwe Boll will soon create a movie so bad that it will be like an unintentional Springtime...


Crazy Heart Trailer

This is a very strange independent film: it has a whole series of name actors (Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Colin...


Shake Hands With the Devil Trailer

There have been several recent films looking back on the African genocide, including The Last King of Scotland and Hotel...


Greenpeace: Origins: The Movie

I always thought that Captain Kirk and Spock were the greatest environmentalists around, but apparently they are nothing compared to...


Zemeckis Presents The Nutcracker

Outside of Dr. Zhivago, I can’t think of very many great Hollywood films set in Russia, even though Russian literature...

Will Smith in Independence Day (1994) Movie Image

ID4-Ever, OMG LOL 2Cute

I don’t know why Roland Emmerich would want to do an Independence Day sequel since he has already blown up...

Monopoly House Toy

Ridley Scott Stakes Out a Monopoly

Monopoly actually inhabits a very cool universe. Everybody has memories of late Saturday nights extorting family members and laughing, as...

Moneyball Book

Moneyball Hones in on Director

Moneyball is a transformative sports book about the employment of advanced stats and analytics in order to put together a...