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One Man Discovers Black People

How many movies have attempted to weave fiction out of non-fiction? I don’t necessarily mean real events, but actual non-fiction...


Michael Mann Finds His Heart

Sure, Michael Mann has directed The Last of Mohicans, but that’s primarily buffeted by other films such as Heat and...


Second Shutter Island Trailer Online

Martin Scorsese doesn’t work with too many mystery/thrillers, which is one of the reasons why Shutter Island looks so interesting....


Up in the Air Trailer

George Clooney plays a kind of specialist. He fires people. Like in Michael Clayton, he cleans up situations which his...

Superman Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray

McTiegue Talks Superman and More

If comic book films are going to continue to be recycled and reimagined, they must be less reverential, more innovative,...


Not Just Another Love Movie

A lot of quality directors such as Marc Webb are coming straight out of the world of music videos, which...


Mel Gibson Talks to Puppets

Anybody who has seen Mel Gibson’s portrayal as Colonel Sanders knew that a movie about a depressed man who takes...


More Than a Film

Sometimes it’s amazing what a man with just a camera and his bare convictions and a sense for the timing...


The Art of the Wild Things

Movie art always seems to have the curious sensation of past history that usually goes unsaid. When you listen to...

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in The Other Guys (2010) Movie Image gallery

Meet the Other Guys

This is the story of the other guys, the desk jockeys, the guys who only wish that they were the...

Topher Grace and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie Image

Venom Film Gets a Script

It’s probably an idea that sounded practical on paper: in “Spider-Man 3″, the symbiote becomes the impetus for Peter Parker’s...


Michael Cera in Revolt

It’s a well-known phenomenon that Michael Cera plays the same awkward kid in every movie, and so it’s strange to...


Yi Yi (2000) Movie Review

The rules of genre identification used to be simple: comedies ended in weddings, and tragedies ended in death. “Yi Yi”...


Ron Howard Discovers Comic Books

Sometimes the lives of the men behind the stories are just as interesting as the fictitious concoctions they create, as...