James Mudge

James is a Scottish writer based in London. He is one of BeyondHollywood.com’s oldest tenured movie reviewer, specializing in all forms of cinema from the Asian continent, as well as the angst-strewn world of independent cinema and the plasma-filled caverns of the horror genre. James can be reached at jamesmudge (at) btinternet.com, preferably with offers of free drinks.

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Noted editor and director David Wu blasted back into Chinese cinemas in 2011 with “Cold Steel”, a wartime sniper thriller...

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Jackie Chan, perhaps best known these days for his outspoken Chinese nationalism rather the stunt-filled action films in which he...

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“Perfect Number” sees Korea turning to Japan for inspiration, an adaptation of the acclaimed Higashino Keigo novel “Yogisha X no...

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The Korean divide rears its head again in “The Spies”, following a gang of agents from the North who find...

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That ever popular darling of genre cinema, the strong, silent and stylishly dressed hitman returns in Korean thriller “A Company...

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When thinking of the director most likely to be churning out a found footage style eco-horror about a particularly nasty...

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Despite its name, “Back to 1942” isn’t in fact a time travel flick, but the latest blockbuster from top Chinese...

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With Chinese period epics still continuing to fill cinemas, it’s no surprise that old school Shaw Brothers favourites are increasingly...

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Pang Ho Cheung, arguably the most talented writer and director working in Hong Kong today, swaps the gentle wit of...

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Rarely do event films come as big or as eagerly anticipated as Korean blockbuster “The Thieves”, boasting an amazing ensemble...