James Mudge

James is a Scottish writer based in London. He is one of BeyondHollywood.com’s oldest tenured movie reviewer, specializing in all forms of cinema from the Asian continent, as well as the angst-strewn world of independent cinema and the plasma-filled caverns of the horror genre. James can be reached at jamesmudge (at) btinternet.com, preferably with offers of free drinks.

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“The Neighbors” is another Korean serial killer drama in which a psycho snatches children and keeps them imprisoned in his...

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For anyone who hasn’t seen “Tai Chi 0”, there are spoilers in the following review. Stephen Fung’s steampunk-martial arts epic...

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The Assassins (2012) Movie Review

For viewers still smarting at Chow Yun Fat having dropped out of John Woo’s epic “Red Cliff” comes “The Assassins”,...

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Although it may sound like a film following the exploits of a robotic gangster, “Robo-G” is in fact a Japanese...

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Attempting to inject a little originality into the horror genre is a laudable endeavour indeed, and something which has characterised...

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“Pieta” marks the 18th film from Korean auteur and agitator Kim Ki Duk, following up on his exceptionally personal and...

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Quite possibly the best looking and most hysterical film of 2012, “Helter Skelter” marked the return of Japanese director and...

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The Hong Kong music industry comes under the spotlight in “Diva” from hotly tipped director Heiward Mak, who received praise...

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Has it really been nigh on 15 years since the world of horror was changed by a small girl with...

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“V/H/S” has been one of the more talked about horror films of late, and one which has been enjoying rare...

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Although early trailers seemed to suggest an Asian stab at the increasingly overpopulated zombie genre, “Deranged” thankfully turned out to...

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Some 14 years after Sadako crawled from the television set, the influence of Hideo Nakata’s classic “Ringu” is still very...