James Mudge

James is a Scottish writer based in London. He is one of BeyondHollywood.com’s oldest tenured movie reviewer, specializing in all forms of cinema from the Asian continent, as well as the angst-strewn world of independent cinema and the plasma-filled caverns of the horror genre. James can be reached at jamesmudge (at) btinternet.com, preferably with offers of free drinks.

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Huang Xuan in Nightmare (2012) Movie Image

Nightmare (2012) Movie Review

The last few years have been an interesting time for the horror genre in Chinese cinema, with film makers venturing...

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Image

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Review

“Romance Joe” marks the debut of writer director Lee Kwang Kuk, who served his apprenticeship by working on several films...

10+10 (2011) Movie Poster

10+10 (2011) Movie Review

Although the anthology format is common enough in Asian cinema, “10+10” offers something a little different, not to mention more...

Shawn Yue and Zhang Jingchu in Lacuna (2012) Movie Image

Lacuna (2012) Movie Review

Pang Ho Cheung, arguably most the talented and exciting Hong Kong film maker of the last decade, serves as producer...

Isabelle Huppert and Jun-Sang Yu in In Another Country (2012) Movie Image

In Another Country (2012) Movie Review

Acclaimed Korean director and international festival favourite Hong Sang Soo returns with “In Another Country”, his 15th outing and another...

Caity Lotz in The Pact (2012) Movie Image

The Pact (2012) Movie Review

“The Pact”, from debut writer director Nicholas McCarthy, has proved one of the horror sleeper hits of the year so...

Cocco in Kotoko (2011) Movie Image

Kotoko (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur and cult favourite Shinya Tsukamoto returns with “Kotoko”, combining the apocalyptic style of his classic “Tetsuo” films with...

Anne Suzuki in The Egoists (2011) Movie Image

The Egoists (2011) Movie Review

Japanese director Hiroki Ryuichi has had a pretty fascinating career, starting off in Pinku films, before being hailed in the...

Shôta Matsuda in Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Image

Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Review

The excellently titled “Hard Romanticker” takes a (very) violent look at the Zainichi (Korean-Japanese) criminal underworld and youth gang battles,...

Kim Go-Eun in A Muse (2012) Movie Image

A Muse (2012) Movie Review

“Lolita” goes Korean with “A Muse”, the story of a 70 year old poet falling in love with a young...

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Image

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Review

South Korea isn’t a country traditionally associated with animation, with only a few films like “Wonderful Days” or the recent...

Ha Ji Won and Doona Bae in As One (2012) Movie Image

As One (2012) Movie Review

“As One” is a Korean drama mixing two of the country’s most popular cinematic themes, North-South reunification and sports. The...

Shinohara Ryoko in Unfair - The Answer (2011) Movie Image

Unfair: The Answer (2011) Movie Review

The popular Japanese “Unfair” franchise continues with “Unfair: The Answer”, the latest big screen outing based upon the popular Fuji...

The Four (2012) Movie Poster

The Four (2012) Movie Review

Gordon Chan continues to cement his position as one of China’s top blockbuster directors, following up his hits “Painted Skin”...

Jaycee Chan in Double Trouble (2012) Movie Image

Double Trouble (2012) Movie Review #2

Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan follows in his father’s footsteps with mismatched buddy comedy “Double Trouble”, very much in the...


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