A graphic/industrial designer by day, Asian cinema buff by night. You name the movie, I've probably slept through it. Here's to the search for Asian movies that keep me awake!

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Daniel Henney and Eliza Coupe in Shanghai Calling (2012) Movie Image

Shanghai Calling (2012) Movie Review

“Shanghai Calling”, from writer/director Daniel Hsia is a play it by the books “classic fish out of water” romantic comedy....

Judge Archer (2012) Movie Image video

Judge Archer Trailer

Xu Haofeng brings us, Judge Archer.  This certainly does not look the run of the mill martial arts flicks that are...

Tai Chi Hero (2012) Movie Poster video

New Trailer for Tai Chi 2 (Hero)

The trailer for part two of Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi Zero”, “Tai Chi Hero” is here.  The second movie will...

Tai Chi 0 (2012) Movie Image

Tai Chi Zero (2012) Movie Review

Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi Zero” is a failed attempt to mix up the martial arts movie genre into something new....

Dada Chan in Vulgaria (2012) Movie Image

Vulgaria (2012) Movie Review

“Vulgaria,” a new comedy co-written, produced and directed by Pang Ho-Cheung and starring Chapman To as a B-movie producer, opens with...

The Thieves (2012) Movie Image

The Thieves (2012) Movie Review

Dong-hoon Choi’s “The Thieves” successfully revisits the heist genre that first brought him to fame.  This time around, the production...