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Direct Contact (2009) Movie Review

Dolph Lundgren might not be as famous as Stallone or Schwarzenegger, but he’s still got enough credibility and killed enough...


Bedtime Stories (2008) Movie Review

Now Adam Sandler hasn’t exactly been in the most kid-friendly comedies (see his two previous movies You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry) but he did promise to make one movie his children can enjoy, and so he did. But Bedtime Stories will put anyone who is not under the age of twelve to sleep.

Julie Hagerty and Robert Hays in Airplane (1980) Movie Image

Ten Comedies That Won’t Insult Your Intelligence

Comedy and intelligent are not exactly synonymous, or at least not anymore. The era of sex /gross-out comedies and parodies is here, and it seems that any truly funny movie you can show to your friends or family and still feel cultured and intelligent is just a dream. Well there's good news. You can be pretentious and elegant but still have your laughs at the same time. Here are the top ten films that prove this to be true:


Updates on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

When Tim Burton announced he was making a new film based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, there was nearly an uproar coming from both fanboys of Burton, who were excited for the movie, and fanboys of Disney, who mourned because Burton would surely butcher their classic Disney film and make it darker and contain even more drug usage than before. But over the last few days, new information and images have risen, and maybe, just maybe,Burton's take on the so-called "nonsense" novel makes more sense than any other adaptation.