Avatar Guy Steven Quale to Direct Final Destination 5

This time, it really is the “Final Destination”! Ah, I’m just messin’ with ya. Of course they’ll make another one if part 5 brings in the cash, as it surely will since kids nowadays will see just about anything as long as it’s in 3D. I swear, I don’t think they even bother to look at the title of the film, as long as they see the “3D” next to it. I honestly don’t know what that says about moviegoers nowadays. Oh, you crazy kids and your fast dancing.

THR reports that “Avatar” second unit director Steven Quale (left) has landed the gig of directing the latest “Final Destination” movie (the fifth) for New Line. Quale previously directed a 2002 TV movie called “Superfire”, and shared directing credits on “Aliens of the Deep” with Cameron. And did I mention that he shot second string on Cameron’s 3D fest “Avatar”? He will direct “Final Destination 5” from a script by Eric Heisserer, who also wrote “The Thing” prequel for Universal and has the sequel to “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on tap.

Made for a modest $40 million, “The Final Destination” (the fourth entry) made over $182 million worldwide, with $116 of that coming from overseas moviegoers. It was originally supposed to be the last sequel in the franchise, but money has a way of changing things.

Death sucks. Death in 3D? Well, it still sucks, so you know...