Avengers Assemble! Comic Con Character Posters Galore

Marvel may have opted out of holding a major movie panel over at Comic Con this weekend, but they didn’t completely ignore the fanboy shindig. The company has released a slew of groovy character posters for Joss Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers”, the teaser trailer for which is attached to the end of “Captain America: The First Avenger”, which opens everywhere today.

So far, there have been four posters, including ones for Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man. I suspect Thor and the Hulk, along with various faces from SHIELD (including the dude with the eyepatch) will be forthcoming soon enough. Until then, check out the four that have been released so far.

Note: if you put the six Avengers character posters together, you get one big banner poster.