Avery and Pete: Superseeds Gets a Poster

Ricky Faust, Teresa Decher and Keye Chen in Avery & Pete Superseeds (2013) Movie Image

We originally covered Kholi Hicks’ stoner/superhero comedy “Avery and Pete: Superseeds” way back in 2011, and after a few years of being tinkered with in the lab, it looks like the film is ready for distribution. That will probably translate to festival dates in the near future, so keep an eye open for the film at a film festival near you. Unless, of course, you’re not the movie festival going type, then, well, nevermind, I guess.

Until then, check out a new poster for the film, plus the trailer in case you missed it the last time ’round. It was two years ago, after all, and in Interwebs time, that’s like 54.3 years, or some such.

Set in an urban Los Angeles, Superseeds follows best friends and roommates Avery and Pete in a race to curtail disaster in their city. The duo–accompanied by their hair brained friend “Mouse”—steal a supply of marijuana, in hopes of clearing their rental debt. In the process, they unknowingly take the fruits of a Mad Scientist’s labor. Now, having sold the discovery-of-the-century, prior to uncovering the truth themselves, they must locate their friends and recover the missing merchandise before its bi-polar creator comes gunning for them–literally.

“Superseeds” also stars Teresa Decher, Adam LeBow, Cody Deal and Justin Cone.

Avery and Pete Superseeds (2013) Movie Poster