Aw Hell No! Will Smith as Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Remake?

Yes, if McG, the director of the upcoming remake has his way. According to the three-letter auteur himself, he’s been trying to get a hold of Will Smith aka the man who is so popular in Hollywood nowadays he can open a movie about a guy shopping at a grocery store for two hours. During one of those big Hollywood shindigs where a bunch of online and offline movie writers get invited to the Warner Bros. lot and are shown 20 minutes of footage from an upcoming big-time Hollywood movie (in this case, “Terminator Salvation”) so they can go forth into the world and brag about their invitation, McG told Latino Review about his desire to get Smith to play Captain Nemo. (And yes, I’m sure they lost my invitation in the mail somewhere. Stupid post office, always losing my studio lot invitations…)

Via LR:

FINALLY I had to go for the kill so then I asked him, “How do you go from Terminator to the Captain Nemo story?”

McG talked a bit about his idea and frankly I was getting my jacket to get out of there when all of a sudden I heard him say, “The character Nemo in this film is more about obsession, he is obsessed and people tend to forget that when you become so obsessed you end up being the villain.”

AND THEN THE KILLER ANSWER!! (In an interesting way.)

McG continues, “Man I’m trying to get Will Smith to do it, been trying to get a hold of him. I’ve been wanting to work with him for a long time already. That guy’s great”

I don’t know if getting Will Smith as Captain Nemo would be all that “great”, but I suppose if you want a big-time Hollywood movie opening, it wouldn’t hurt. As in, it would probably guarantee it.

Below: “Aw hell no! Don’t you be lookin’ at me funny, octopus, or I be puttin’ my foot up yo ass!”