Awesome Movie Posters from an Alternate Universe

Avatar Movie Poster by Peter Stults

Peter Stults is one creative fellow, and fortunately for us movie buffs, he’s turned that creativity into creating these “alternate universe” posters for movies that we all know and love (or hate). The basic idea is that it’s the movie you know, but not quite in the way you know them.

Stults describes his inspiration thusly:

Awhile back a friend of mine forwarded me a site where an artist had made posters of films that, title wise, we were familiar with, but there was a slight difference; they were remade as if they belonged to a different era or a different genre, the name of the movie was there, but the actors were different, the style was different, and I loved the concept. So I went forward with this theme; what if movies we were all familiar with were made a different slice of time? Who would be in it? Who would direct it? So here we are…

You can check out Stults’ entire work over here (h/t reader Dave). Below are some of his more notable posters for some high-profile titles of recent years (don’t forget the “Avatar” one above):

The Hangover Movie Poster by Peter Stults

The Fifth Element Movie Poster by Peter Stults

Superman Movie Poster by Peter Stults

Inception Movie Poster by Peter Stults

Drive Movie Poster by Peter Stults

Via : Peter Stults