Awesome Trailer for Mutant Girls Squad Prequel Yoshie Zero

If, like me, you’ve been waiting impatiently for Noboru Iguchi’s potentially fabulous action extravaganza “Mutant Girls Squad” to make its way into your loving arms, then there’s a very strong possibility that the picture’s prequel, “Yoshie Zero”, will make your pathetic little day that much brighter. Given how lousy I feel this afternoon, the preview has certainly made my uncomfortably oozing orifices extremely happy. The short film, which will hopefully make its way onto the MGS DVD, focuses on one thoroughly interesting character in particular. If you guessed the smiling schoolgirl with the long tentacle arms, give yourself a cookie and a firm pat on the back. You deserve it.

The trailer, as may already have guessed, lies below. Extra special thanks to the boys and girls at Twitch for supplying the footage.